B2B text translation agencies

By December 30th, 2019 | branding, ecommerce, web translation | 0 Comments

In today's world, text translation agencies have become a fundamental pillar in the internationalization and expansion of any business, not just when it comes to transcribing legal or administrative documents, but also when adapting websites, product catalogs, and mobile applications.

This is why it is so important to work with a professional company that, through an expedient B2B environment, guarantees that you have the necessary language skills for your company to fully integrate in the international market.

Below, we list the most popular services.


Professional translation

Linguaserve offers a streamlined service using the latest technologies and most suitable methodologies in accordance with the needs of the client.

To do so, it employs staff specializing in different sectors and economic activities, as well as qualified professional native translators all over the world, guaranteeing trust, quality, and capacity to respond in all time zones and cultures.


Localization of website and application content

The translation and localization of websites and mobile apps are some of the fundamental steps for the internationalization of your company. Linguaserve takes care of translating and adapting all your content and structural elements, keeping in mind your overall goals and the economic and sociocultural characteristics of the target country.



Your main goal is to take your brand’s message to every corner of the world where your product is present. This is where transcreation — or the adaptation of concepts and ideas based on content localization — and creativity come into play.

Linguaserve gives you the ability to revamp your advertisements to make them linguistically appealing and, in turn, easily understood by your target audience.


Machine translation tools with human post-editing

Linguaserve offers you efficient machine translation tools that are tailored to the characteristics of your company and to the languages you need. To ensure the quality and faithfulness of the translations, multi-faceted in-house tools with human supervision are introduced both before and after the translation.


Translation and adaptation of audiovisual projects

Beyond translating texts, your company needs to adapt all your audiovisual content. Linguaserve offers you a wide variety of related services in this valuable area of communication.

An example is the editing, desktop publishing (DTP), and graphic design service, leaving all your files identical to the originals.

It also offers voice-over, dubbing, and subtitling for audiovisual products in a range of languages. It has all the necessary technical infrastructure in this field: recording studio, soundproofed facilities, etc. Additionally, Linguaserve transcribes audio and video files in any language.


Take advantage of all the services offered by translation agencies like Linguaserve. Through valuable tools, like the Client Portal or Document Mining, you can enjoy the most secure support as you increase your competitiveness and accelerate your international expansion.