6 tips for your international customer acquisition strategies

Customer acquisition strategies are the best way to achieve growth and increase your company's sales volume. Also abroad.

In this sense, if you have internationalized your company —or are in the process of doing so— and you want to implement the product or service you offer, the sales and marketing departments will be the ones who will have to design the logistics, choosing among all the customer attraction strategies, the most appropriate to the company's profile.

6 tips on international customer attraction strategies

In order to decide which strategies will work best for you, you must draw the model of your ideal customer or buyer persona. Once defined, the techniques to be developed will be decided.

The following is a list of the most recommended ones to obtain new clients at an international level.

1. Offer promotions

Offering promotions is one of the simplest and most effective techniques. You can apply discounts or offer an economic benefit over the usual price of one or more of your company's products or services. The goal is to get the target audience to become interested in the offer for the first time in order to gain their loyalty as a customer.

2. Use the freemium model

The freemium model offers a version of the product or service at no cost in order to get the user to become a paying customer. It is a common strategy in companies that offer software and digital solutions.

3. Achieving good SEO positioning

Getting good SEO positioning is a very effective strategy. In fact, it has a high conversion rate, since it starts with a user interested in a product or service like the ones your company offers and, therefore, has found you in their search.

In order to appear in the first positions of the search engines in an organic way, you must work hard on SEO. For this, it is of vital importance to find the most appropriate keywords and to optimize aspects such as titles, meta descriptions and tags, obviously in the language of the target audience.

4. Rely on professional translation and localization

A translation and localization service ensures the quality of all communications received by the user you want to convince. Localization ensures that future customers perceive the message in a natural way, as all content is perfectly integrated into their language and culture. Translation and localization agencies always work taking into account the expressions, idioms, images, colors, currency, sizes or units of measurement, among others, specific to the language and its locale.

5. Use transcreation to achieve the desired reaction

A transcreation service goes one step further and is almost fundamental to the success of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

It is important that you know that transcreation gives a creative twist to your advertising material to strike a chord among users and provoke the emotion you are looking for. Therefore, it is one of the best strategies for attracting international customers.

6. Create valuable content to generate leads

With a good lead generation strategy you get the details of users that you will convert into leads through the offer of free content of value. Some of the types of lead magnets are e-books, webinars, master classes, exclusive videos, podcasts or free product samples.

These are just some of the customer acquisition strategies you can use. The key is to find the ones that best suit your product or service and offer them to international users fully adapted to the different target languages and cultures.

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