5 technology solutions for creating your website more easily

soluciones tecnológicas
By March 16th, 2020 | branding | 0 Comments

Creating a website has never been easier. Whether you want your company to have an online presence or you want to sell on the Internet, there are technology solutions of varying complexity that allow you to create a website quickly and relatively easily. Let's take a look at the five most popular.

Content management systems

Content management systems, or CMS, are programs that allow you to create a website using a common base. Once up and running, using specific modules, you can configure the functionalities you need. It's relatively easy and fast.



This is the most popular content manager currently available. Billions of websites all over the world are based on WordPress. Its strength lies precisely in its large community of users and in its approachable, easy-to-use design.

You only need to download the files you will use as the base of your website from its official website. From there, you choose the template that best suits your needs and add the plug-ins that provide the functionalities you want to offer on the site (contact form, links to social network profiles, visitor measurement tools, etc.)



This tool is quite similar to WordPress. Once you’ve uploaded your files on the server under the chosen domain name, you only need to choose from among the available templates (typically for a price) and create your own content with your own images. It is simple to use and is especially convenient for placing articles on your blog.


E-commerce management systems


So you want to create an online store? No problem. You can also do so easily using specialized content management systems. In fact, one of the most popular plug-ins from WordPress is WooCommerce. Once installed, your website becomes an online store, where you can list products with their price, indicate shipping methods, and accept payments. But let's take a look a two options created exclusively for managing online stores.



This is one of the most popular open-source e-commerce solutions available today. Its installation and maintenance do not differ from other CMS, and you can add modules with different functionalities for your customers.



Simple, convenient software with an easy-to-use interface. For under 30 euros per month Shopify gives you the tools to get your business on the Internet and easily manage your store.


Translation solutions

If the website you're looking to launch is geared towards international trade, you’ll need another solution in addition to the content management system (or e-commerce management system) you have chosen. You're going to need a website that is completely translated into the languages used by your potential customers. Do you know how to make this happen?


If you want a comprehensive solution that addresses both the linguistic and technical aspects, your best bet is to hire a Website Translation and Localization service provider. This will give you not only a translation of the website texts, but also a complete adaption of the content thanks to localization. At Linguaserve, we can handle the extraction, processing, and insertion of translatable content with filters and advanced tools; analysis of content, structure, and navigation; analysis and generation of control glossaries for SEO purposes; localization and technical processing of graphics and multimedia material; and linguistic navigation and validation testing, among other services.