5 reasons to hire a translation service for social media

Social media has become an essential tool for companies. In fact, it is one of the best ways to publicize your product or service, promotions in which you interact with the potential client and get more visits to your website or e-commerce.

Hence, if you want your company to expand in foreign markets and be international, you must care for your online reputation in each one of the target countries, offering users the same quality content you publish in your country of origin.

The following are the five reasons why you should hire a translation service for social media.

Don’t put your company’s online reputation at risk by using free machine translation

Literalness and lack of context are fatal for the translation of your social media content. Connection with the desired audience demands for a cared for and constant presence that may fail with texts that contain errors or are not understood. Users of social media are one of the most judgmental and demanding public.

Content should not be verbatim in each one of the social media accounts

No matter how many social media accounts your company has, don’t make the mistake of thinking the same content is valid for all of them. Each platform has specific features and is aimed at a different public. Translation must adapt to the tone and characteristics of each one of them.

Some may require a direct and formal style, such as Twitter, others may allow to be more elaborate, such as LinkedIn or Facebook, or require a professional tone, specifically in the case of LinkedIn. You must know the public of each network and particularly know where is the public that interests you the most.

Professional translation connects with the target audience

A specialized translator in marketing and social media has thorough knowledge the vocabulary, expressions and terminology that are used in the digital language of the target language.

Mastering the language and social media provides the necessary creativity to translate the content in a natural way, maintaining the purpose and nuances and adapting it to the idiosyncrasies of each culture.

Make the most of the format

Some social networks limit the number of characters or only allow viewing a portion of the longer content. Considering this, it is essential to make the most of the available space with clear and specific content. Mastering the target language and the richness of an agile and up-to-date vocabulary in social media, will communicate the message with the necessary accuracy.

The right planning allows immediacy

Immediacy is the hallmark of social media. Its users constantly devour content and it is necessary to plan and schedule the posts in all of them and in all the necessary languages.

A professional translation company offers you the ideal human and technical resources so the translation of your content is ready on the agreed date.

As you can see, it is recommended to hire professional translation services from a linguistic service company that guarantees the competency of specialized translators in this task, so your marketing strategy generates confidence and connects with the public.