5 keys to assessing the work of a voice-over professional

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Do you know what a voice-over professional does and all they can offer you? Nowadays, drive and speed are the key elements of information. Users consume audiovisual content for an uncountable number of hours through different means and the voice is the common link among all of them. But not any voice is valid.

When is the service of a voice-over professional necessary?

There are several different fields in which a professional voice-over is needed. Any company, entity or individual may need a professional voice-over service. For example:

  • Corporate videos
  • Telephone messages
  • Advertising
  • Tutorials
  • E-Learning
  • Documentaries
  • Audio guides

As you can see, there are many situations in which a voice-over professional is necessary. If you want people to know your products or services in other countries or work with multicultural teams at a national or international level, audiovisual communication is one of the best ways to get your message out there.

What skills does a voice-over professional need?

It is important to find the perfect voice for your project. A voice that can interpret the message with the most suitable tone to connect with your target audience. No matter what your purpose is —to excite, inform, instruct, etc.— the voice is the key to being heard.

To achieve that goal, just having a nice voice is not enough. A voice-over professional has the skills that allow them to use their voice to relate to the brand.

Our extensive experience in the professional voice-over field allows us to outline the keys to assessing the work of a voice-over professional.

Good reading skills are important

It might seem obvious, but it is one of the most important keys to a good voice-over. It is no use to have a nice voice with the right tone if the reading skills are not good.

Video and audio voice-over respect the text’s punctuation, which as a guideline, will indicate the pauses and stress. Just like a musician with a score, a voice-over professional interprets words.

Having clear diction

A voice-over professional's pronunciation is accurate and totally understandable This is especially significant if you need a correct and fluent voice-over in a foreign language. Make sure you work with a linguistic services company that collaborates with native voice-over professionals.

Modulation is essential

Voice modulation is a skill that allows the voice-over professional to read at the right pace and with the most appropriate tone for the context. Stressing sentences when needed and the purpose in intonation are the keys to getting the listener interested and making them pay attention to your message.

Just like a painter’s palette, a voice-over professional has a palette of registers they can use to adapt the voice and give it the right touch.

Having the right technical equipment

It’s useless to find the right voice for your project if you don’t have good acoustic quality. Recording must take place in a qualified studio that has the right technical equipment handled by experts.

Once again, by hiring a linguistic service from a professional company, you won’t have to look for and coordinate all the necessary factors and it will ensure quality results.

Consistency with brand strategy

A specific voice can be a key factor that will make people immediately associate it with a brand or an image.

The project may require voice-overs for different content, and the voice-over professional must be credible in all of them. Involvement in the project is essential to pass on the message in a true and appealing way.

As you can see, audiovisual presence is relevant for your product or service, and voice may be the best way to convey it.

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