5 benefits of professional voice-over for your audiovisual project

benefits of professional voice-over
By September 22nd, 2021 | Voice-over and dubbing | 0 Comments

Audiovisual formats are among the most requested and used resources. Whether to inform, entertain or teach, the wide range of technical and creative possibilities they offer make them the perfect means to communicate the message you want to give your target audience.

In this regard, professional voice-over is a fundamental tool for finding the voice of your message. The sound identity is what distinguishes you and what the audience associates with your brand, product or service.

The importance of professional voice-over

Before detailing the specific benefits that the work of a voice-over professional provides to each audiovisual format, we would like to emphasize the importance of finding your corporate voice, with the most suitable style, tone and register that represents you, just like your company logo or slogan do.

Specific benefits of professional voice-over for each audiovisual format

Just as not all audiovisual formats are the same, neither is the way in which each voice-over project is carried out. Professional voice-over provides you with the advantage of counting on the necessary tools and the most qualified voice-over professionals so the result is successful. Next we will show you how useful a professional voice-over service is for different formats.

1. It will make your commercial get recognized, even if they are not paying attention

How many times have you recognized a product thanks to the commercial’s voice-over? Many, right? The most famous brands always use the same voice in their commercials. Even if the consumer is not looking at the screen at that moment, hearing the voice-over makes them identify the commercial.

2. It will give your corporate identity a voice

A corporate video is the perfect format for optimizing your brand. Through a video, you can communicate your values, your mission and your vision for the project’s future. This is why it is very important that the voice totally identifies with the message and connects with the target audience. A voice-over professional knows how to provide the suitable tone, rhythm and emphasis.

3. It increases the value of your e-learning service

Quality professional voice-over improves the overall comprehension of the content and facilitates learning. This provides an enjoyable and enriching learning experience for the user. The voice-over professional speaks with the ideal rhythm and volume to hold attention without tiring, allowing you to position your online training service as an example to follow due to its easy listening.

4. It makes a good and professional first impression with the most suitable voice for your call center

There are now more companies who rely on a professional voice-over service to provide their clients and suppliers with phone support in one or several languages. A first impression that conveys proximity and kindness as well as professionalism is essential for starting off on the right foot.

5. It generates interest with engaging and entertaining storytelling

Audio guides are widely used to enrich user experience when visiting museums, exhibitions, fairs and cultural events. A voice-over professional with the suitable timbre and tone, as well as the correct fluency and pronunciation in the language in question, makes the listener feel more comfortable and interested.

If you want to find the best voice for your audiovisual projects, don’t hesitate to rely on the professional voice-over service of an expert company in multilingual technological solutions.