5 benefits of app translation and localization

app translation and localization
By February 18th, 2021 | localization and translation | 0 Comments

The growth of e-commerce is higher each day, which has caused an application to be your best showcase. The good thing about digital commerce? That it only has linguistic or idiomatic barriers, nothing to worry about if you count on app translation and localization services, which will provide your company with many advantages.

Know the benefits you could add to your business with app translation and localization.

Translate and expand your market

Although tastes vary depending on multiple variables, people, regardless of their place of origin, can share certain needs. In this respect, the market for your product or service can greatly expand if you get your app translated and localized professionally.

Quality translation will make your business reach the next level, providing you with a competitive advantage and making you stand out from other businesses that also compete for a higher market share.

In this sense, having an application in only one language, or even opt for machine translation so as to save costs, will greatly limit your scope and the possibility that your potential clients choose you.

Improve customer satisfaction with app translation

Have you ever not downloaded an app because you couldn’t find it in your language or you deleted it once you realized it wasn’t translated into your language? Of course. You’re not the only one. Nobody likes to use a service they don’t fully understand.

On this basis, when using a service or acquiring a certain product, the same thing will occur: between your untranslated app and others that are in fact translated, most people will look for other alternatives different from yours.

Remember: The fact that people feel at home when they interact with your application is a point in favor. You can reach a great part of this goal with professional app localization and translation.

Localization increases downloads

Most of your application's success depends on how you present your services and the products you offer. Appearance, functionality and accessibility make the difference between one app and another and the language you use is essential for clients to understand and relate with the content.

In this sense, the translation of content, size, weight and measurement conversion charts, support chats, payment systems or legal conditions must include cultural traits, the alphabet and the idioms of each place in order to retain the user.

App translation and localization avoid errors in texts, design and images, eliminating inappropriate or offensive elements and adapting them naturally to the cultural idiosyncrasy of the different markets. Images, cultural references, humor, colors, fixed phrases... The possibility of making mistakes in localization through a literal translation, as the one you may obtain from machine translation are countless.

Testing optimizes the operation of the app

Considering this, the translation and localization of any app includes a fundamental process: testing.

The appearance and functionality of the app must respond just as well in all the languages it is translated into. It is necessary to track and detect all the possible errors and communicate them to developers before launching in new markets.

App translation and localization must provide technical, visual and functional guarantees.

Translate, localize and position your app

ASO (App store optimization) is to mobile applications what SEO (which you’ve probably heard about) is to websites. ASO, is the process of optimizing an app so it appears in the first search results of application stores. The more times the app is installed, the better positioned it will be. It is one of the factors to take into account. Therefore, the wider your market, the more possibility of downloads, hence obtaining better positioning.

As you can see, app translation and localization is an excellent (and necessary) tool to expand your business in new markets. Rely on the know-how of professionals like Linguaserve and grow beyond borders.