4 video game voice actors who bring your favorite characters to life

video game voice actors
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Video game dubbing is one of the most important elements to make the story believable.

Today's video games are true works of art in terms of their staging, characterization and the plots they develop. Their technical and artistic complexity provide the player with a total immersion in the story.

Therefore, the work of video game voice actors is key so that everything goes smoothly and the dubbing does not ruin everything.

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Video game voice actors

Spanish-speaking gamers prefer to play dubbed video gamesso as not to have to be aware of the subtitles and not miss any detail of what is happening on the screen.

In many occasions, video game voice actors perform their work only with the sound files and without a visual support of the story that allows them to synchronize their voice with the lip articulation and gestures of the character.

Spanish language voice actors have a very good reputation in all audiovisual media thanks to the magnificent work they do, which often surpasses the dubbing quality of the original version.

With this in mind, here are some famous video game voice actors:


Roberto Encinas is the voice of the protagonist in all the titles of this series of action-adventure video games. He has been awarded the prize for Best Male Dubbing for his work lending his voice to this professional treasure hunter.

Roberto Encinas has a long trajectory as a dubber in series and movies. He has also appeared in other video games as Francesco de' Pazzi in Assassin's Creed II or Mad Jack in Heavy Rain.


Another great voice actor with more than twenty years of experience in this work, which he has combined lending his voice to characters in movies. In fact, he has also been the voice of the Batman in most of the movies and continues to be so in all the video games starring the Dark Knight.

Other video game characters he has dubbed include Altaïr in Assassin's Creed: Revelations or Tommy in The Last of Us.


The voice actress Danai Querol is in charge of giving voice in Spanish to the mythical archaeologist and adventurer protagonist of the titles of the Tomb Raider saga.

Danai Querol has extensive experience in front of the cameras as a theater and film actress and currently works as a voice actress in TV series and movies where she lends her voice to actress Jessica Biel.

In the video game industry, in addition to being Lara Croft’s voice in Spanish, she has participated in other titles dubbing Piper Wright in Fallout 4 and Estrid in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.


The actress already has extensive experience in the world of dubbing and has been performing with her voice the character of Aloy, the main protagonist of the Horizon trilogy, the skilled hunter who must survive in an apocalyptic world.

Michelle Jenner is also the voice of Hermione Granger in all the video games of the Harry Potter saga since 2001 and has lent her voice to other characters such as Lauren Winter from Heavy Rain.

Video game dubbing requires experienced professionals like these and many others, who bring their expertise to the character and make the player feel that the game has been made in their own language.

A company with actors specialized in video game dubbing  as Linguaserve will provide the voices you need for your audiovisual project.

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