4 keys to professional translation in the automotive industry

translation in the automotive industry
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Professional translation is a key element in the automotive industry. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the automotive industry has been growing and evolving non-stop, making its international development unstoppable. Professional translation services that are specialized in this topic are more and more requested by an industry that is continually evolving and developing technologically.

Main keys to a professional service for the automotive industry

In this article, we’ll give you the key principles for a professional translation service in the automotive industry.

Flexibility and specialization

The frequency of translation into different languages in the automotive industry is constant and covers all types of specialized topics:

  • Catalogs and marketing texts.
  • Advertising campaigns.
  • Mail and contracts with suppliers from different countries.
  • Mail to auxiliary industries.
  • Mail to offices in other countries.
  • Documents for official bodies.
  • Documents for studies, speeches and symposiums.
  • Internal reports between the different production centers.
  • Warranty documents.
  • Training manuals.
  • Instruction manuals.
  • Patents.

As you can see, it is essential to count on a translation service that provides solutions to the different areas since the texts that are worked on are extremely varied: technical, legal, advertising or marketing texts are some of the texts that require specialized translators with a great command of the appropriate terminology.

Quality and confidentiality

The translation's quality is of great importance in the automotive industry. Training manuals, mail to suppliers or the texts addressed to the end customer, such as instruction manuals or advertising elements, must be translated in such a way as to be understandable, reasonable and reader friendly.

Specialized translation is a demanding task, since it requires qualified translators to work with very specific elements that may cover different professional areas.

A clear example is translation of texts for the development of a patented model. In this case, the translation team in made up of professional translators who are trained to translate legal documents with extremely technical terminology and detailed with specific language addressed to public bodies.

Localization to optimize user experience

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a client who is considering buying a new car. They visit the manufacturer’s website and look for all types of information: the vehicle’s software, the brand’s after-sales service in their country, price and purchase conditions, etc. It must be perfectly translated and localized; that is, the information must be provided as if it had been written in their own language.

These premises must be applied to all translated texts, such as instruction manuals or the software of the on-board computer. This is also applied to all material addressed to suppliers, auxiliary industry partners, public bodies and other people and entities involved.

The impression the client gets, the consistency of the information and the customized experience starts with the correct translation of technical and training materials received by the technical service staff, and continues with commercialization, advertising and marketing texts (news, newsletters, promotions, etc.) that are provided. All of it must be adapted to the language and culture of each country.

Having the best technological solutions

Innovation is also constant in the world of translation. Working with a professional translation service that provides the best technological solutions for translation for the translators’ day-to-day work guarantees higher quality, efficiency and flexibility.

Service connectors, file management, translation memories, glossaries and style guides, as well as everyday interaction with the teams that make up the automotive company, among others, facilitate the daily work.

Collaborating with a professional translation service that offers all the resources and types of translation that are necessary in the automotive industry, which is so specialized and complex, is an added value that provides the brand with quality and a high position. At Linguaserve we are specialists in different types of translation, and we put the best team and technical equipment at your disposal so you get the best results.

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